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OTD 20 September

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


Eleanor of England, eldest surviving daughter of King Edward I of England married henry III Count of bar.

Eleanor of England, born at Windsor Castle on 18 June 1269 was an English princess, & the eldest surviving daughter of King Edward I of England & his first wife, Queen Eleanor of Castile.

Not a great deal is known about Eleanor & what evidence exists for her early years suggests that while her parents were absent on Crusade between 1270 & 1274, she became very close to her paternal grandmother, Eleanor of Provence, with whom she continued to spend a good deal of time. She was also close to her sickly brother Henry. On one Pentecost Eve, Henry & Eleanor were given two partridges for their dinner, for a special treat.

For a long period Eleanor was betrothed to King Alfonso III of Aragon. Alfonso's parents were under papal interdict, however, because of their claims to the throne of Sicily, which were contrary to the papal donation of the Sicilian throne to Charles I of Naples, & despite the Aragonese ruler's repeated pleas that Edward I send his daughter to them for marriage, Edward refused to send her as long as the interdict remained in place. In 1282 he declined one such request by saying that his wife & mother felt the girl, who had just turned 13, was too young to be married, & that they wanted to wait another two years before sending her to Aragon. Alfonso died before the marriage could take place.

Eleanor's parents Edward I of England & Eleanor of Castille

Eleanor subsequently married the French nobleman, Henry III, Count of Bar on September 20, 1293, & had two children: Edward I, Count of Bar & Joan.

Henry III, Count of Bar

According to Kenneth Panton, Eleanor is credited with a daughter called Eleanor (b.1285), who supposedly married a Welshman named Llywelyn ap Owain.

She died on 9 August 1298 (aged 29) at Ghent in the County of Flanders. She was buried in Westminster Abbey.


OTD 20 September 1643;

English Civil Wars - The First Battle of Newbury

The battle of Newbury was fought on the morning of 20 September 1643 between parliament's main field army under the Earl of Essex & the main Royalist army in the south, with both Charles I & Prince Rupert present.

King Charles I

Further interest;

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