I am a passionate follower of our Royal Family and a self taught historian particularly our British Royal Family history. This website has been a long term goal of mine.


As some may know I suffered personal tragedy when my beloved mother died from a cancerous brain tumour. Through my personal trauma I used my Instagram account as something to focus on, so now this website will be an extra focus.


If you're looking down, the website is dedicated to you mum x. And her mum too, as my grandmother got me hooked on history, she adored Henry VIII for some reason :-)

I started an Instagram account over six years ago, as I wanted to share my passion for the British Monarchy past and present. I have put in countless hours into the account and now have a large following. But due to Instagram text restrictions, my posts are limited. Here I can write whatever I like without those text restrictions.

My main interests are the current royal family particularly Her Majesty the Queen & the history side of the British Monarchy.. With over a thousand years of history I'm not lost for topics!

I confess to being a self taught historian, I love to read about (over 300 books & counting), write about, watch & listen to anything history related. With a subject as vast as history it's difficult to choose a favourite area of interest.


Outside of the Monarchy, other historical figures I like are Sir Winston Churchill & Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington. WWI; WWII; the Napoleonic wars & the Victorian age always fascinate me.

Hope you enjoy the blog, thank-you so much for reading this.

Please feel free to offer any feedback or request topics of your choice.

Lee Stuart Sherriff

Dedicated to my beautiful mum;


Linda Sherriff (nee Cross) 1957-2015)


& my grandmother Doreen Cross (nee Mayer) 1933-2002

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