British Monarchy Records

Shortest length of Reign

King Sweyn Forkbeard

40 days

Youngest monarch at time of accession

Mary, Queen of Scots

6 days old


Shortest length of marriage

Alexander III of Scotland & Yolande of Dreux

143 days


Shortest (unofficial) length of reign

Lady Jane Grey

9 days

although she was only proclaimed queen by the Lords of the Council on 10 July). The reign is disputed

lady jane grey_edited.jpg

youngest queen consort at the start of her reign

Isabella of Valois

(second wife of Richard II)

6 years 11 months and 25 days


Lowest longevity of heir apparent

Henry, Duke of Cornwall, Son of Henry VIII & Katharine of Aragon

52 days

Youngest monarch at time of marriage

David II of Scotland

4 years of age

(to the 7 year old Joan of the Tower,)


Shortest (height) of monarch

Queen Victoria

1.52 metres (4 foot 9 inches)


The youngest Monarch to die

Edward V


(most likely murdered along with his brother Richard)


Monarchs that never married

William II;  Edward V; Edward VI;

& Elizabeth I

all lived & died unmarried

Edward VIII never married while he was king, but married after his abdication