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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

There are a many royalty based tv shows & movies out there, some great, some not so great! As a self confessed historian, I prefer the makers to stick to the facts, I admit, one of my pet hates is changing the facts to glorify the story-line. I know it can make for a better TV show/movie, but I would hate for younger viewers to take these altered facts as the real history. Anyhow, I have selected some of the best, with the movie trailer where possible, details of the tv show/film, the cast & other interesting facts & other videos. This is just the first of a series of posts. Hope you enjoy.

Part 1;

The King's Speech (2010)


The King’s Speech is the tale of Elizabeth II's father & his remarkable friendship with maverick speech therapist Lionel Logue. Fascinating, moving & often humourous it charts the personal relationship that developed between England's reluctant King George VI, plagued by a nervous stammer, & his irreverent Australian speech therapist.

As the second son of George V, Prince Albert "Bertie" was not expected to ascend to the throne, but when his brother Edward abdicates to marry American Wallis Simpson, Bertie, as his successor, is crowned King George VI.

George becomes King as radio is taking off as a mass medium & the Second World War looms. Thrust into the international spotlight he must speak not only to the nation but to the people of the British Empire, across the world. His wife, Queen Elizabeth - the future Queen Mother - is tireless in her belief in him. Having tried all the traditional doctors she engages unorthodox outsider, Logue, to help him find a voice that can inspire a nation on the brink of war.

Stars: Colin Firth as George VI, Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue, Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth, Michael Gambon as King George V, Guy Pearce asKing Edward VIII

King George VI (Colin Firth) — father of the present Queen Elizabeth II, Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), is a wildly eccentric Australian speech therapist who made it possible for the stammering monarch to go on radio in 1939 & rally his subjects to support the declaration of war on Hitler’s Germany.

The King’s Speech is a perfect blend of drama, humor, & history, featuring fantastic acting, a must for any Royals fan. Colin Firth is his usual brilliant self as King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II's father) & is backed up by the immensely talented Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue, the eccentric Australian speech therapist Helena Bonham Carter is the perfect actress to portray Queen Elizabeth too. Personally I loved the movie & I must watch it again soon.

  • Colin Firth won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance as George VI in The King's Speech, the 2010 film also won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

My Rating: 9/10

  • Let me know your thoughts on the movie, give me your rating if you wish.

DID YOU KNOW? Although naturally left-handed, George VI was forced to write with his right hand, as was common practice at the time. He also suffered from chronic stomach problems as well as knock knees, for which he was forced to wear painful corrective splints.

DID YOU KNOW? George VI was the first member of the British royal family to be certified as a fully qualified pilot

King George VI delivered his speech (above) via the radio on September 3rd, 1939 addressing Britain's involvement in World War II. His Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue was in the room during this radio broadcast that offered a great solace to the British people during this terrible time.

King George VI's VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) victory speech, 1945

Some photos of George VI;

King George VI; Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) & Princess Margaret, 21 Apr 1939

King George VI visiting Bristol following bomb damage, 17 Dec 1940

George VI and Queen Elizabeth meet women and children of bomb damaged areas of the East End of London. 23 Apr 1941

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Garter robes,23 Apr 1948

King George VI (1895-1952) when Duke of York,circa 1922

King George VI (1895-1952) when Prince Albert of York, circa 1899 - 1901

King George VI (1895-1952), circa 1940

King George VI (1895-1952) circa 1939

All photos: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018

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