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Recipes from the Palace

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

As part of my book promotions, this blog is all about royal recipes straight from the Palace.

A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal recipes from Buckingham Palace

by Mark Flanagan (Author), Edward Griffiths (Author)


This stylishly illustrated publication is the first-ever cookery book to come from within the Royal Household. Written by the Royal Chef, it enables the reader to recreate a selection of authentic dishes prepared & served to Her Majesty The Queen & the Royal Family

With an emphasis on sophisticated seasonal cooking & fresh, local ingredients, the recipes will cater for a variety of occasions & range in both scope & scale, with offerings for both new & experienced cooks.

The book elaborates on the recipes with tips on entertaining & inspirational ideas for preparation & presentation, including illustrations & explanations of the choice of china, decorations & flowers that accompany royal meals.

Also included are fascinating snapshot details of the history of royal dining & entertaining taken from the Royal Library & Archives at Windsor Castle.


Royal Teas: Seasonal recipes from Buckingham Palace

by Mark Flanagan (Author), Kathryn Cuthbertson (Author)


There is no more quintessentially British tradition than afternoon tea, & nowhere is that tradition taken more seriously than at Buckingham Palace, where 30,000 afternoon teas are served every year at the summer Garden Parties.

Inspired by this British institution, and following on from the success of A Royal Cookbook, Mark Flanagan, the Royal Chef, shares here his favourite tea-time treats. Recipes & clear instruction will guide you through making pastries & savouries, biscuits and show-stopping cakes, from a springtime picnic to a festive Christmas tea, all with the royal touch.

This elegant recipe book also tells the story of the local & seasonal ingredients used by Mark Flanagan, such as the deliciously syrupy jam made from the mulberry trees of Buckingham Palace gardens, & the bee hives that keep the Royal Household in honey all year round.


Tea Fit for a Queen: Recipes & Drinks for Afternoon Tea (Historic Royal Palaces)

by Historic Royal Palaces Enterprises Limited


Filled with recipes that have stood the test of time as well as fascinating anecdotes & tales, Tea Fit for a Queen reveals how the tradition of afternoon tea started in royal Britain. Over 40 charming recipes include everything from delicate finger sandwiches to Victoria sponge cake, Chelsea Buns & a Champagne Cocktail.

In these pages learn about the infamous royals & their connection to the history of tea; why jam pennies were Queen Elizabeth II's favourite tea time treat & how mead cake came to be served during Henry VIII's reign. Discover what cake William & Catherine selected for their wedding & hear why orange-scented scones became a royal tradition at Kensington Palace. Tea Fit for a Queen presents a taste of palace etiquette to take home.


Dinner At Buckingham Palace

Hardcover – release date; 1 Nov 2018

by Charles Oliver


Charles Oliver worked at Buckingham Palace from the reign of Queen Victoria to that of the present Queen. This book is based on his diaries, & offers an extraordinary collection of anecdotes, recipes, menus & personal photographs. Features a selection of menus used at actual royal events, alongside a series of exclusive private photographs of the Royal Family.

The perfect, must-have book for fans of history, the royal family, British culture & more, Dinner at Buckingham Palace is being republished in a handsome, beautifully illustrated hardback edition.

*Facts include*

  • For breakfast, Queen Victoria ate only a boiled egg, served in a gold eggcup with a gold spoon.

  • George V seemed never to tire of apple dumplings.

  • The Queen's breakfast at Buckingham Palace is often accompanied by the sound of bagpipes played by her own piper.


The Royal Touch: Simply Stunning Home Cooking from a Royal Chef

Hardback, illustrated by Carolyn Robb (Author)


  • The personal and exclusive memories of the chef to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales, & their young sons

  • 100 family recipes, to impress guests, for any occasion

The Royal Touch is a beautiful compilation of stunning recipes gathered from far & wide on an incredible culinary journey. It is one that has covered three continents over several decades & has taken in many a royal palace along the way.

Carolyn Robb, former personal chef to TRH The Prince & Princess of Wales, Prince William & Prince Harry, presents the food that she loves to serve to her family & friends; food that is fit for a king, yet is accessible to us all.

Inspired by everything from her mother's home-cooking, memories of her happy childhood in South Africa & her extensive travels to the extraordinary experiences of 13 years as a chef in the royal household, Carolyn's recipes are simple to prepare & perfect to share.

Whether you are entertaining special guests, going on a picnic, planning a cosy fireside supper, cooking with children or you simply feel like trying your hand at some baking, this book has it all & the ingredients you require won't break the bank.


Chocolate Fit For A Queen

by Historic Royal Palaces Enterprises Limited


This beautiful book is filled with over 35 exquisite chocolate recipes from Chocolate Orange Madeleines & Salted Caramel Brownies to White Chocolate Scones with Strawberries & Clotted Cream & of course the quintessential royal chocolate treat, Spiced Hot Chocolate.

Through these delectable recipes learn the history of making, drinking & eating chocolate from its very beginnings to the royal chocolate kitchen at Hampton Court Palace right up to the present day.

Discover why chocolate was considered a status symbol, how it was thought to have medicinal qualities, & the part that chocolate houses played in court life as pleasure haunts for the elite.

Including chapters on Chocolate Cakes, Pastries and Tarts, Teatime Bites and Biscuits, & Drinks and Sauces as well as fascinating anecdotes about the infamous royals & their connection to the history of chocolate, this charming book provides everything you need to know to make your own chocolate recipes fit for a Queen.

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