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NEW BOOK RELEASE: How To Cook The Victorian Way With Mrs Crocombe

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

A sumptuous cookery book and the definitive guide to the life, times and tastes of the world's favourite Victorian cook, Mrs Crocombe. As seen on English Heritage's The Victorian Way YouTube series.

Mrs Crocombe is the star of English Heritage's wildly popular YouTube series, The Victorian Way. Millions of fans around the globe devour her historical cookery videos, and their hunger for her content shows no sign of abating.

In delightful contrast to the high-octane hijinks of many YouTube celebrities, The Victorian Way offers viewers a gentle glimpse into a simpler time an age when tea was sipped from porcelain, not from plastic cups; when mince pies were meaty and nothing was wasted; when puddings were in their pomp and no kitchen was complete without a cupboard full of copper pots and pans.

Avis Crocombe really did exist she was head cook at Audley End House in Essex from about 1878 to 1884. Although only a little is known about her life, her handwritten cookery book was passed down through her family for generations and rediscovered by a distant relative in 2009. It's a remarkable read, and from the familiar (ginger beer, custard and Christmas cake) to the fantastical (roast swan, preserved lettuce and fried tongue sandwiches), her recipes give us a wonderful window into a world of flavour from 140 years ago.

How to Cook the Victorian Way is the definitive guide to the life, times and tastes of the world's favourite Victorian cook. The beautifully photographed book features fully tested and modernised recipes along with a transcription of Avis's original manuscript, plus insights into daily life at Audley End by Dr Annie Gray and Dr Andrew Hann, and a foreword by the face of Mrs Crocombe, Kathy Hipperson. It showcases the best recipes from Mrs Crocombe's own book, alongside others of the time, brought together so that every reader can put on their own Victorian meal. It's a moreish smorgasbord of social history an absolute must for fans, foodies and anyone with an appetite for the past.

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Further interest;

Visit Audley End

Off London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4JF

Enjoy a day out exploring the spacious grounds and estate of Audley End and discover what life was like at a Victorian country house.

Take in the fresh air as you explore the colourful and varied gardens created by ‘Capability’ Brown. Marvel at the formal, beautifully restored parterre and cloud hedge before admiring flowering plants, delectable fruits and colourful vegetables in the organic kitchen garden. Wander through the idyllic woodland and stumble across the peaceful Elysian Garden complete with a cascading stream and climbing roses.

Discover the fascinating life of a Victorian servant in our 1880s Service Wing including historic kitchens, a dairy and laundry rooms to see what life would have been like for the servants that worked here. Take a stroll over to the stable yard to meet the horses and find out the story of the estate at work and play.

Admire the interiors of what was once one of the largest and most opulent houses in Jacobean England. Wander around our spacious grounds and admire the glorious gardens designed by Capability Brown, including our beautifully restored parterre and organic kitchen gardens. Take a stroll over to the stable yard and meet our friendly horses before topping up your energy with a delicious treat in the cafe.

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